Refund Policy

1. If your product is eligible for a refund, you will be refunded from which you have made payment to us. The shipping fee is refunded along with the amount paid for your returned product.

2. The time required to complete a refund depends on the refund method you have selected. The refund time starts once the quality check is completed after receipt of your returned product within 5 business days.

3. Debit/ Card payment shall be refunded within 10 business days while COD or bank transfer shall be refunded in 2 working days.

4. If the refunded amount is not reflecting in your card statement after the refund is completed and you have received a notification by this website, please contact your personal bank.

5. The bank account details provided must be correct and the account must be active and should hold some balance. IBAN number will be needed to refund the amount.